Citadel - Protect your blocks

Citadel allows you to reinforce your blocks with common items such as stone, iron, and diamond. Reinforced blocks must be broken multiple times, making it harder for people to destroy your stuff. Block that open such as doors and chests will also be locked.

PrisonPearl - Take justice into your own hands

When you kill a player with an ender pearl in your hotbar they'll be sent to the end. They'll remain there until you free them or they're freed by others. Be wary because the person you imprison can call on others to help them break free. Used in conjunction with Citadel it's a powerful tool to take power into your own hands.

You can play on as many alts as you want, but if you're pearled on any of them, the others will be unable to log in until your account is freed

Bastion - Protect your claims from grief

Bastions will create a field above and around them where others cannot place blocks. This provides a powerful anti-grief tool to keep your city clean.

JukeAlert - Monitor your claims

Snitches will send you messages when other players enter their field so you can know where people are. JukeBox snitches will also log things like block breaks so you can know who to blame when someone griefs you.

FactoryMod - Efficient production

Factories lets you craft items more efficiently after a slight startup cost. This allows for a more extended tech tree than vanilla Minecraft and allows you to have lasting infrastructure.

Factory Config

NameLayer - Group management

NameLayer lets you create groups to manage who can access your citadel reinforced blocks and place in your bastion fields. You can also message people in groups together.

Enchanting - Reverted to 1.7

There are a few important changes to enchanting on CivClassic. Experience is made through factories. The actual enchanting of items wont require lapis, but it will take the full amount of experience. Items will be repairable forever but will be expensive to repair in the long run, capping out at 39 levels with no reset.

PvPTweaks - Make combat balanced again

Ender pearls have a cooldown, health potions heal for more, and strength is reverted. Axes have reverted damage and click speed is increased from vanilla.

HiddenOre - Ore balance and anti-xray

Ores aren't pre-generated in the world, but spawn as you mine. You may be familiar with this plugin but it's been modified to simulate vanilla mining. It also now includes vein functionality. Ores will spawn in large clusters rather than randomly scattered everywhere.

SecureLogin - Two factor authentication

Use the command /secure to generate a unique IP address. Your account will then only be able to connect from that IP. This lets your account be more secure in case someone manages to steal your account info.


There will be no nether, there's a circular world border with a radius of 13k, and obsidian generators are re-enabled.