CivClassic is an experimental Minecraft civilization server that gives players the power to control the world in ways they couldn't before.

The Minecraft Civilization Server genre is at its' core an experiment – if anyone could create a new nation based on their political ideals, what would the world look like? Players are challenged to create communities and navigate conflict with neighboring nations, resulting in trade agreements, alliances, Olympic Games, international infrastructure, and of course, wars. Some nations choose to create their own constitutions and courts of law, whereas others prefer anarchy. PvPers can be soldiers defending their nation, or raiders out to steal resources. There are libraries full of player-written books, art galleries full of player-made map art, and museums filled with relics from past events. Civclassic is a civilization minecraft server that rewards collaboration, dedication, and determination, and has something for everyone. It’s easy to get started, and our community is full of resources to introduce new players to the world of Civclassic.

Civclassic is an entirely player crafted world – every nation, every city, every major event, is created by players like you. The current map is over 3 years old and has a huge player-made world waiting for you to explore. Find a nation that suits you and become a citizen, or claim some land and create your own brand-new nation based on your ideals. You can be whatever you want in Civclassic, be it a ruler, a bounty hunter, a farmer, a merchant, a builder, a journalist, a politician, an artist – if you can imagine it, it’s possible.

Core Plugins


Citadel allows you to protect your buildings and lock your chests.

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PrisonPearl allows you to inflict your justice on other players.

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Bastion allows you to protect areas from grief and claim your land.

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JukeAlert allows you to monitor your claims from afar.

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